BS Stops Here 2005 was a tremendous success!
Posted by: Psychoholic @ 2005-10-19 00:41:09

First things first, I'd like to thank everyone that came down Sunday to the BS Stops Here 2005 event. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it was the best event we've had to date and I'm pretty sure everyone had a pretty good time.

I'd also like to extend a huge thanks to our sponsors; Coupe Performance, Bugman Racing / Avalon Exterminating, and Prestige Mustang.

With exception of my amazing racoon like tan (and to think 'gee Chris, you have freckles, why don't you put on some sunscreen before you go outside for a change?' would have saved me a week worth of stupid comments from the a-holes at work), I had a blast and I really liked the format this time around. It didnt' leave much room for argument, and only a very small couple of miscommunications between the staff of SDR and us.

Here is the rundown of the day (and if I get your name wrong, let me know - all I have to go with is what they gave me):

Hard Tire

First round saw Tom Moran in his '72 Mopar run against someone whose name doesn't appear on my sheet. Tom won right off the bat as the unamed opponent redlit, but he would have reeled him in anyways with his 10.623 @ 132.43 to a losing 11.457 @ 119.21 mph.

Sean Mckesson of Marietta GA in his '05 Vette sent Roy Balseiro with is '01 Corvette back to the pits when Roy redlit a -.153 light, only to see Sean run an 11.98 @ 117.05, to Roys 13.844 @ 107.49.

Adrianna Scott in her '05 GTO ran a by-run with a 13.65 @ 114.78.

Second round saw Tom Moran in his '72 Scamp outrun Adrianna Scott, get out of it, and still win with a 12.92 @ 89.99 to a losing 13.438 @ 111.03 on a .596 and .504 lights respectively. Sean Mckesson got the by-run for that round with a 17.83 @ 65.11.

Final round of Hard Tire pitted Tom Moran against Sean Mckesson for the champ of the radials. Sean cut down the tree and laid it in front of Tom with a .175 to a .518 light, but it wasn't enough when Seans 11.92 @ 116.50 just wouldn't hold it against a 11.36 @ 114.14 giving Tom the win and the trophy.

DOT Tire

First round had Harley Chapman of Walhalla SC in his '87 Mustang take on Tim Campbell of Mcdonough GA in his '93 Mustang. Tim redlit and watched as Harley blistered half track with a 10.99 @ 100.76. Next up was Georga Long in what is probably the baddest Kia on earth, facing Deon Johnson of Newnan in his '03 Mustang. George nailed a killer .092 light to the slower .604, and posted a strong 11.31 @ 103.79 to Deons 13.174 @ 111.40 for the win.

Robbie Clark of Silver Creek GA in his '00 Vette took on John Mclutcheon of Cumming in his '00 Firebird. Despite Johns .056 versus Robbies .233 lights, his 12.399 at 113.65 just wasn't enough for the hard charging 11.72 @ 125.51 of the Vette.

Howard Stone of Forest Park in his '81 Camaro just barely beat young Nicole Calhoun (Miss Bugman) of Monroe GA in her '91 LX Mustang. Howard got her at the light with a .171 to her .182, and just barely held the lead through the quarter with a 12.884 @ 104.81 to her 12.875 @ 107.45 (but that was good enough for the Quickest Lady plaque - Good job Nicole!).

Zack Stripling of Stockbridge got the by-run that round in his '03 Cobra, running a 12.321 @ 94.24.

Round 2 saw Harley run Tim Campbell again, but Harley just had him from the start with his .213 light over the .229 of Tim, closing the gate at 10.736 @ 128.32 mph to a slower 11.273 @ 105.15.

Howard Stone and Robbie Clark lined up next in a GM vs GM lineup, but the second gen f-body resisted the urge to leave when the '00 Vette left early by .097 seconds and gave howard the win with his 11.789 @ 112.26 to the mph monsters 11.697 @ 126.96.

Last of the second round saw George's Kia make a pass all by his lonesome when the '03 Cobra of Zack broke at the line giving the Kia an easy win to put him to the next round.

Round 3 saw Harley in his Fox bodied Mustang take on Howard in the Camaro, but he had to work for this one. Howard nailed a .080 light to a slower .205, but it just didn't put him out far enough to best the quick ET of 11.186 @ 103.47 to his 11.516 @ 117.16.

Final round put Mustang versus Kia (bet you'd never thought you'd hear that) in a race for the trophy of Fastest DOT Tire car. Both Harley and George left the line fairly close (.222 / .275), but the Kia's 11.377 @ 114.02 couldn't beat the Mustangs 10.814 @ 128.07 giving Harley the win.

Less Than 8

If you ever wanted to see what happens when you take a couple of turbo Buicks and let them pick on some unsuspecting Honda's, this is the round for you.

First round had Gene Cassidy of Panama City Beach Florida in his '87 Buick taking on Joe Larocco of Buford GA in his '01 Silverado pickup, but when the truck broke, the Buick didn't even bat an eye when it went 9.938 @ 136.69 mph.

Next up was Ysmaelmi Capellan of Morrow in his '91 Civic up against the '95 hard top Miata of Jason Burg. The little Miata got a little anxious and left too early, giving Ysmaelmi an easy win with his 14.250 @ 99.40 mph to the slower 16.34 @ 66.56 of the Miata.

Damon Waldrop of Stockbridge in his '90 Honda had the by-run for this round, and saved his ride for another round with a 20.24 @ 52.37 mph.

Last was Daniel Menchack of Dallas GA in his '87 Regal taking on Donte of Morrow in his '90 Accord. The Honda tore off out of the gate first with a .122 light to the Buicks .508 light, but his 16.97 @ 80.47 surely wouldn't get it done against the 11.119 @ 123.32 of Menchack.

Second round had Gene Cassidy again, this time taking on Ysmaelmi's civic. I'm not sure if Gene was messing with him, or taking a nap, but Ysmaeli jumped out with a .337 light and when the alarm clock went off and Gene got on the gas after 1.749 seconds of the light being green, he flew past the little Honda at 9.937 @ 137.48 to a losing 14.607 @ 95.23.

Then we had Buick versus Honda again, when Daniel Menchack, after taking a lesson on line napping from Gene, let Damon Waldrop leave on his .222 light, waited over 2 full seconds (2.205) and and then just ran him down with his 10.966 @ 123.76 to the Hondas 15.094 @ 93.56.

Final round of our Less than 8 class finally put the big bad Buicks side by side, when Gene and Daniel pulled in the beams together. I guess the day was just Genes though, when he cut a .343 light to the slower .784 of Menchack and held him all the way to the other end with a 9.947 @ 136.94 to a slower 10.956 @ 123.58.

Slick Tire

Pretty small field this year, but definitely not short on speed.

First round put David Edge of East Point in his '87 S-10 versus Bobby Mcnair of Seneca SC in his '95 Mustang. The Mustang got the jump on the little truck that could with a .087 to a .174 light, but it wasn't far enough with its 11.121 @ 128.15 to best the 10.697@ 115.49 of Edge.

Next we had Jared Groff of Snellville in his '92 GT versus Jeff Davis of Mcdonough in his '90 Ranger. The Ranger didn't make it down the 1/4, but Jared damned sure did with his 9.045 @ 152.47.

Final round of the Slick Tire class saw some fast and close racing when David Edge hit a .110 light and ran a 9.075 @ 147.71 to the .658 light and 9.138 @ 154.42 ET of Groff, giving Edge the trophy and the win.


There was a small numbering problem in the beginning, so I'm pretty sure someones name is transposed improperly. If I get it wrong, let me know.

This is what racing is about if you ask me. The rules were very simple. 1/8th mile, .400 pro-tree, stock style suspension, and a 10.5" tire. Other than that, wide open for anything, and that is exactly what you got.

To start the show off Scott Milner of Coupe Performance in Kryptonite lined up on Drew Rogers of Mad Racing/ Jimmy Jamz fame in his '88 Trans Am. To be honest, this race was decided at the line when Scott threw down the gauntlet with a .039 light to Drews .202 light, and ran out the back - barely winning with a 6.014 @ 116.59 to the quicker 6.007 @ 117.77 of the TA.

After that Sean Bass of Eatonton in his '86 Z-28 took on John White of Lawrenceville in his '89 Mustang. John got the Jump on the Jimmy Jamz powered Z with a .333 to a .487, but Seans 5.834 @ 120.93 beat the 6.087 @ 115.52 that the Mustang posted.

Next up was our number one qualifier Chuck Lawrence of Dallas GA in his '85 Mustang up against Rick Rogers of Covington in his '91 Mustang. Rick pulled the trigger just a little too quick and redlit, giving Chuck the advance and letting Chuck go on by with a 5.519 @ 126.76.

Then we had Brent Bernard of Mansfield GA in his '89 Mustang take on the bad Red Bull of Rick Speer. The first go around was messed up by the starter, so we had to line'm up again later, giving Brent the win. Brent with a 5.800 @ 119.98 to the Bulls 5.942 @ 119.64. (I don't have the slip from the second run).

Round 2 saw our number 3 qualifier Scott Milner taking on Number 1 qualifier Chuck Lawrence. Both of these guys just killed the tree with a .066 and a .051 respectively, and stayed virtually side by side all the way down the full 660, ultimately giving Scott the win with a 5.486 @ 130.22 to a 5.545 @ 125.53.

Next up we had Brent Bernard taking on Sean Bass with another pair of killer RT's (.069 / .101), but the win light went to Brent with a 5.786 @ 120.43 to Seans 5.813 @ 121.09.

A betting man would have had to give 1:1 odds on either one of these guys in the finals, and if it weren't for the track timers and lights - only a super high speed picture would have been able to tell you who won this one. Both Scott Milner and Brent Bernard took off with some of the best reactions of the day with a .051 and .074, and holding them side by side till the end with the Coupe Performance built Mustang just barely eeking out a victory over Brents '89 Mustang with a 5.605 @ 125.94 to Brents 5.659 @ 124.19 to give Scott the win and the trophy, as well as bragging rights for the day.

Once again, I'd like to thank everyone who came out and supported us and had a good time. Hope to see you at the next event in the spring.

Grudge Wars was a rousing success!
Posted by: Psychoholic @ 2005-04-25 04:31:51
First I'd like to thank everyone who came out and supported Grudge Wars 2005 and made it such a terrific success. We had a great crowd come out and I hope everyone had a good time. Other than being burnt to a crisp and having a sunburn line right where my hat and sunglasses were - I did. (if I don't have your complete name, I apologize, all I have is the sheets the track gives me at the end of the day - if you know more details please e-mail me at and I'll correct it).

Less than 8
This was an interesting race due to both of the cars in the final redlit, but the #36 '95 Eclipse driven by 'Keith' broke out of his 14.90 dial/in with a 14.6 @ 95.88 in addition to redlighting, giving the win to Jeremy Gainous in his '88 Supra winning the class with a 15.084 @ 94.83. Proof, anything can happen in bracket racing.

Street Tires
The finals of this class made for some great racing, and on real off the shelf street tires it makes you wonder what these cars would run with some sticky tires on them. Brandon, in the #27 '02 Camaro left the line first with a .113 light to #47 Williams' .249 light in his small block 400 powered '80 Chevy Malibu, but the Camaro just couldn't muster enough juice with its 13.25 @ 104.68 to the Malibu's stout 12.127 @ 112.94 to take the win.

Drag Radials
The semi-final round of this race is where the action really heated up. First with Brad Payne throwing down the challenge in his #17 '65 Chevy II to Grant in the #53 '94 Camaro by laying down a .211 light to Grants .774 R/T, but the old Chevy was no match for the newer iron when the Camaro blistered the 1320 at 10.66 @ 122.53 mph, to the slower 13.08 @ 78.4 in the lil red X-body Chevy.

The semi finals also showed us the only husband/wife pairing of the day, when the luck of the draw put the #10 '85 Mustang piloted by Tanya (That's an A not an O - so you know) Calhoun against her husband in the #8 '90 Mustang of Chris 'Bugman/Yuppyboycobra' Calhoun in some good ole 'who sleeps on the couch tonight' racing. It was a very close start with Chris leaving first on a .098 light, to the slower .207 light of Tanya, and Chris would hold that length for the distance of the track to net him an 11.11 @ 122.67 to a still awesome 11.309 @ 118.90 of Tanya.

The final round brought the classic Mustang vs Camaro battle to Reynolds Georgia on this windy afternoon, with Chris leaving on a solid .033 light to the .152 light of Grant, but it wasn't enough to hold him, and the 10.91 @ 122.77 of Calhoun just wasn't enough to fight off the 10.31 @ 125.23 that the Camaro laid down and securing his trophy.

Slick Tires
The slick tire finals saw the #23 '87 S10 of David Edge pair off against the Jimmy Jamz Nitrous Accessories powered white terror #31 Sean Bass' '86 Z-28. David cut a fantastic .040 light to run an 11.686, all up on the brakes at 82.24 mph to Sean's .113 light that netted him a 9.39 @ 141.71 mph to take the win and the trophy.

Quick 8
This is always the trophy to shoot for, and as history has taught us on this one - it's anybodys game.

First round had Randy Lovejoy in his #495 '01 Mustang against the absolutely stunning '90 Mustang of Matt Hamby, but a nitrous backfire sent Matt back to the trailer, and netted Randy a 13.12 @ 107.91 mph.

Next we had Jimmy Coombs of Jimmy Jamz Nitrous Accessories in his #32 Black '87 Camaro against the #39 '03 Mach 1 Mustang of Buck Pandolfi, with Buck leaving on a .169 light to the slower .565 light of the Camaro, but his 12.79 @ 108.37 wasn't gonna be enough to hold off the violently leaving 11.209 @ 109.53 3rd Gen f-body.

Then we had the #5 '93 Mustang of Herman Johnson square off against the #54 '04 Cobra of Charles Crawford, which ended in one very broken Cobra and a good bit of oil on the track.

Round 2 saw Herman Johnson square up on Randy Lovejoy and watch Randy leave first on a .327 light to Hermans .469 light, but Randy's 12.923 @ 108.47 wasn't enough for Hermans 11.82 @ 110 which took him to the next round.

By this point in the day the near lane just wasn't the place to be and Jimmy Coombs definitely felt it as he set his sites on Patrick Rochester in the #29 '97 Mustang (which is for sale), with both of them leaving within .001 seconds of each other with a .295 in the Camaro, but he just didn't have enough juice to catch the exactly 1 second difference of the black and silver Stang as he crossed the beams in 10.209 seconds @ 132.32 mph, to the losing 11.209 @ 121.14 of Jimmy.

After being runner up several times before in the Quick 8, Patrick wasn't about to sit on his laurels and chance another second place finish when he left on a .103 light to the .323 light of Herman Johnson, but Herman's 12.54 @ 101.47 couldn't compete with the blistering 9.362 @ 146.27 that Rochester piloted down the quarter to take the trophy and the title of the King of Street Lethals Grudge Wars 2005.

I have updated the image gallery with some 97 images from the race, and as people send more in I'll post them to the image gallery. If you see an image that says to click on it for the bigger image, I probably have a much bigger version than even that if it's an image you'd like to have - just shoot me an e-mail or send me a PM (preferred method) on the message board and I'll send it to you.

Thanks again to everyone who came out and supported us, and a definite thanks to all those that helped us set up everything and take care of the day: Manny and Angie, Josh K, Kelly, Jeremy and everyone else who helped out. And of course thanks to Silver Dollar Raceway for helping us out as always we appreciate it.

Chris (Psychoholic)

New Meeting Place
Posted by: TruStreet @ 2005-04-13 14:38:59
As of last night we will no longer meet at The Monterey Mexican Restaurant on Pleasant Hill (right behind Krispy Kream Donuts) We were ask not to return, After we refused to pay for poor service(leave a tip). Starting next Tuesday we will meet at the Sonic Drive In on the corner of Pleasant Hill & 29. Hope to see a few new and also a lot of the Old Faces.

Change in Meeting Place
Posted by: TruStreet @ 2005-04-13 14:36:55
As of last night we will no longer meet at The Monterey Mexican Restaurant on Pleasant Hill (right behind Krispy Kream Donuts) We were ask not to return, After we refused to pay for poor service(leave a tip). Starting next Tuesday we will meet at the Sonic Drive In on the corner of Pleasant Hill & 29. Hope to see a few new and also a lot of the Old Faces.

April 24th, SDR - Grudge Wars 2005
Posted by: Chris (Psychoholic) @ 2005-03-27 18:02:46


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